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Enjoy endless creative experimentation with game-changing generative AI tools and plugins.

Buy once, create forever.

We believe in artist intelligence: empowering creators with innovative tools that accelerate imagination-to-creation using text-based prompts and powerful adjustment settings that keep the crafter in control.

We don’t and won’t limit creative expression with a no-subscription, no-nonsense model.

Distinct AI's tools have truly empowered me as an artist. The no-subscription model means I can focus on my creativity without worrying about ongoing costs. It's a game-changer for anyone serious about their craft.

— Sarah J., Canada

Our  Products

Experience the future of creativity with the world’s first Stable Diffusion plugin, for Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and other world-renowned photo, graphics, and painting software titles.

Load a photo and describe what you want to transform it into, no matter how inventive, wild or imaginative.

Adjust strength and other settings to fine-tune your results to your liking.

Unlike other generative AI art solutions that charge per use, Vision FX provides unrestricted image generation.

Using Vision FX has revolutionized my design process. I can create stunning visuals effortlessly, and my clients are always impressed with the results. Plus, I love that it runs locally on my device—no subscriptions, no cloud risks, just pure creativity!

— Alex M., USA

Enjoy stunning high-dynamic range (HDR) results with a cutting-edge AI plugin for Adobe Photoshop and other photo editors. With easy contextual sliders to adjust intensity, contrast, softening, saturation and more, the creator is in control of customisation and output, in just a few clicks.

HDR FX has taken my photography to the next level. The presets are fantastic, and the customization options let me achieve the exact look I want every time.

— Emily R., UK

The Future of Creativity

New plugins and apps coming soon. Stay tuned!

Distinct AI's plugins have become essential tools in my creative toolkit. They save me time and help me produce high-quality work that stands out.

— David L., Australia