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Enjoy endless creative experimentation with game-changing generative AI tools and plugins.

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Invent your unique creative vision  with unprecedented realism

Transform your photos into impressive works of art using text prompts and intuitive settings to influence the results. Or produce all new visuals entirely from your imagination.

Unlike other generative image solutions that charge per use, Vision FX—the world’s first stable diffusion plugin—provides you with unlimited access to transform your images into anything you envision with high-resolution, high-quality results.

Add powerful generative AI to your existing design workflow

Whether you're using Adobe, Affinity, CorelDRAW, or another creative software, Vision FX is a plugin designed to fit seamlessly into your existing setup. After harnessing generative AI to create your custom image, you can easily bring it back into your main design application for further editing.

Go from imagination to creation in 5 simple steps

01 Launch VisionFX

Start with a reference photo in your creative software of choice and launch Vision FX from within your familiar plugin workflow.

02 Add a text prompt

Use words and phrases to describe the output you want to generate. Include negative prompts to guide Vision FX on what it should avoid.

03 Fine tune with slider controls

Adjust how much of the original image is altered with the Strength slider. Low = subtle changes. High = dramatic changes. Control the number of steps taken to generate results. More steps = higher quality. Fewer steps = faster processing.

04 Generate five unique variations

Click “run” and watch the AI model create your vision. Choose the image result you prefer or tweak text and settings for endless experimentation.

05 Save to your main software

Bring your AI-generated artwork into your primary design application to continue editing or prepare for print or web publishing.

Endless possibilities for all types of creatives

Designers, artists, marketers, creative hobbyists and side-hustlers use Vision FX for the convenience of incredible output, without the learning curve of traditional graphics software, nor the ongoing cost of alternative AI image generators.


Whether you’re a photo hobbyist or professional photographer, Vision FX can transform your images into your exact vision in a matter of minutes, using powerful algorithms to produce showcase-ready photos. Tweak results to your liking with powerful slider settings that keep you in creative control.

Try words like:
Digital art

Apply artistic styles to bitmap images to transform photographs into works of art that emulate traditional painting styles. Whatever you can describe with words, you can create to look like watercolor, pastels, oil paint, and more – with all the texture you’d expect from the real deal.

Try words like:
Graphic design

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a project or want to create vector-like visuals to leverage in your latest design, you can generate images reflecting all kinds of illustrative styles. Realism, manga, pointillism, name it!

Try words like:
Vector Style

Use cases

Idea Generation
Image enhancement
Artistic expression
Fantasy creation
Why use it
Responsible AI

While most other generative AI solutions steer clear of producing images of recognizable individuals, Vision FX offers greater flexibility while ensuring protection of public figures like celebrities. Rather than creating exact replicas that could be exploited, we generate stylized likenesses—like caricature-style portraits—that capture the essence of the celebrity without the risk of misuse for deep fakes.

Commercially licensed

The content you produce with Vision FX can be used for commercial purposes, giving you the freedom to utilize your AI imagery for branding, marketing, or client projects without any restrictions.

Enhanced Image Quality 

Unparalleled sharpness and vivid details with our Enhanced Image Quality feature. Designed to elevate your AI-generated images, it delivers exceptional clarity by enhancing image details and reducing noise. Enjoy improved contrast and sharpness, making every creation stand out with professional-grade quality. Your visuals will never look the same again, with each detail brought to life like never before.

The local advantage

Vision FX ensures security and privacy, as it is local to your device. No need to worry about online risks or personal data in the cloud. Your information stays with you, ensuring peace of mind knowing that your creations are kept safe and secure.

Rated PG

Vision FX doesn’t censor content and refrains from producing explicit material, ensuring your AI-generated content is engaging yet appropriate.

Intuitive and effortless

Vision FX doesn’t censor content and refrains from producing explicit material, ensuring your AI-generated content is engaging yet appropriate.

Technical Specs
Recommended (using GPU acceleration)
Operating System
Windows 10 / 11 64-bit (latest updates)
Windows 10 / 11 64-bit (latest updates)
Multicore Intel® or AMD processor (2 GHz or faster processor) with 64-bit support
Multicore Intel® or AMD processor (2 GHz or faster processor) with 64-bit support
32 GB
Integrated or Discrete Graphics Card (with latest drivers)
Modern Nvidia Graphics Card (GeForce 10 series or newer) with minimum 12 GB VRAM, with CUDA compute 3.7 or greater support or Modern Intel® Integrated or Discrete Graphics Card (Iris® Xe or newer)
Hard Drive
15 GB
15 GB
Monitor Resolution
1920x1080 or higher
Photoshop Plugin Compatible host
Paintshop Pro, Corel Painter, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity

Image gallery

Find inspiration in our gallery, showcasing an array of captivating, one-of-a-kind visuals and the prompts used to generate them.

Copy your favorite prompts to try on your images!